Superior Maple Syrup

We call it "Liquid Gold". That rich, all-natural flavor strikes your pallet the moment it passes your lips. Whether you pour it over a stack of hot pancakes or stir it into your favorite cup of tea or coffee, there's no missing that sweet taste of maple syrup. And don't stop there - use our maple syrup over or in just about anything you want, such as on hot cereal or a cold dish of ice-cream, or stirred into a smooth bowl of yogurt. Harvested along the shores of Lake Superior, each container of Superior Maple brings the sweetness of nature from our home to yours. Family owned and operated, we check each batch to ensure that only the highest quality maple syrup is passed along to you. If it's not good enough for our friends and family, then there's no way we are going to offer it to you. Superior Maple. It's not just where we produce it or the name on our's what we believe it to be!